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Sun Ray Chiminea

The chiminea originates from Mexico, where it was originally created as an oven and outdoor fireplace designed to keep families warm, even while it was raining.  The design allows these fire places to be used at any time and avoid the rain, which is why they have the shape that they do.  Today, of course, chimineas have become popular as backyard accessories for many people in the U.S.  and UK.  Because these were not designed for those climates, finding sturdy, reputable products can be difficult at times.  However, you can find a great selection in our Chiminea department that will provide stylish options for every climate.

The Original Design

The original design of the chiminea was rooted in necessity.  Mexican tribesmen had a need to create a tool that could help keep their families warm and provide a cooking source that was protected from the weather.  The goal was also to create something that could house fire that was created with just a few sticks, which is exactly how the design came about.  The result was the round belly with a sturdy base and a slender stack, or chimney, to expel the smoke.  This design has held true to the original plan for hundreds of years.

Although the use of these is quite different for most people today, the design and shape of them is often what makes them so appealing to people.  They are made in many different finishes and the clay models that are available are all handcrafted, giving people a unique backyard accessory that they can use for keeping warm and entertaining on those breezy fall nights.  Of course, things have changed a lot since the past and while many people in less civilized countries still use them for function, chimineas in countries like the U.S.  are all about style and accessorizing in the backyard.

Today’s Modern Styles

Chimineas were originally made inMexico, which is why clay was an effective medium.  There isn’t a lot of rainfall in the country, which allowed the clay to withstand the weather for many years without damage.  As more people in the U.S.  and other countries started importing these unique fireplaces for use in their own backyards, it was noticed that they couldn’t withstand the climate change.  In colder weather, areas where it snows, and in regions where excessive rainfall is common, the clay is known to crack, break, flake, and otherwise become damaged quite easily because it was not made for these types of elements.

The solution, for many, was a better material.  This led to the creation of cast-iron and aluminum chimineas, which are popular today among people who want something sturdier and a little more durable.  Of course, there is still something to be said for having an authentic chiminea that is made of clay because it is unique and offers people the traditional style and design that these fireplaces are known for.  There is an ongoing debate as to which is the best option, but it ultimately boils down to personal opinion when people are shopping for their own chiminea.

Today, there are so many styles, designs, and materials to choose from that people have to weigh the pros and cons and shop around for the things that they like.  They can also pick and choose from a variety of sizes and price points, giving them a chance to spruce up their backyard, no matter what they have in mind.  With so many options, it is easy for people to put these charming fireplaces to good use in their own backyards, no matter what they have in mind.

Choosing Your Chiminea

When you are shopping for a chiminea, it’s going to be up to you to pick the one that you like best.  There are so many styles and designs to choose from that it should be easy for you to find something that you love.  Take the time to shop around and see what you can find, because the selection today is better than ever.  You can choose from traditional styles that are made of clay and offer a unique design or more contemporary models that are cast in metal, but they each have their own pros and cons to consider before you buy anything.

For example, while clay models might not be able to withstand the elements like metal styles, the metal is known to rust and corrode over time with exposure, so you will have to think about this.  Additionally, there is usually assembly required on the metal or cast-iron models, while the clay ones are delivered all set up and ready to go.  You get a more decorative, authentic looking chiminea if you choose a clay model, but you might also have to deal with more maintenance or finding a way to protect it from the elements.  There are a lot of things to think about in choosing the right chiminea for your home.

Other considerations include the size and style of the chiminea that you buy.  There are large and small models available, as well as many sizes in between.  You can find contemporary styles that look less like the traditional chiminea that history knows, as well as authentic models that give your home that unique feeling because of their authenticity.  It’s going to be up to you to explore what’s out there to choose from and find what you like.

Cost is another factor in choosing your chiminea, but that’s all about your budget.  You can find great models like our Sun Ray Style Chiminea for as little as $190 or something like our Gatsby Style Chiminea for $350.  You can even find models that are high-end and super stylish, that cost as much as $1000 or more, if you want the best of the best when it comes to buying your chiminea.  These charming outdoor fireplaces make a great addition to any backyard and as long as you take the time to find a model that you like in your price range, you can improve your outdoor living space for fall in no time at all.



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