A Beautifully Unique Outdoor Fireplace

Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace

There’s a cold front coming through soon — will you retreat indoors when evenings grow chilly?  Frankly, there’s nothing quite like inhaling the crisp air of an early autumn evening (coming soon to a neighborhood near you).  The only thing to make that moment better is the warm, aromatic glow of a fire.  Outdoor fireplaces allow homeowners to safely create that delicious combination of crisp air and crackling wood, but the most unique way to bring the two together is with a most unique outdoor fireplace — the chiminea.

Chimineas are a different kind of outdoor fireplace. They were originally developed in Mexico as a means for heating the home and cooking food. The design of chimineas, which is reminiscent of the pot belly stove with a round, mostly enclosed firebox and tall stack, allows fires to light quickly and burn longer than in a traditional outdoor fireplace, which has an open firebox. Additionally, the design of chimineas prevents rain from extinguishing the fire.

Chimineas were traditionally constructed of clay or terra cotta and worked well in warmer, drier Mexican climates, but for superior durability and performance in colder climates, the preferred material for backyard chimineas is heavy duty metal, such as cast iron or cast aluminum. In cold temperatures and harsh weather conditions, clay or terra cotta chimineas tend to flake, crack, or crumble. Metal chimineas are beautifully designed and easily become the decorative focal point in any elegant outdoor living space. Chimineas are outdoor fireplaces with real character and style.

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