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Store Your Firewood Properly Now & Enjoy Toasty Winter Days Ahead

Fireplace Image

If you plan to chop and prepare your own logs for upcoming winter fires, or if you’re like me and prefer to have locally prepared firewood delivered to your door, you’ll need some place to store it.  Here are some tips for properly storing your winter firewood:

  • Keep it handy, but away from your house.  Firewood can attract pests, and if logs are kept next to the house, those critters may find easy ways to enter your home or cause damage to your home’s exterior.  The best place to keep your logs is near the fence or next to the shed or other outdoor storage building — close and convenient, but not so close that you’ll be inviting unexpected “guests” into your home.  Never spray your firewood with pesticides to deter insects because burning these logs in the fireplace will create harmful toxic vapors. 
  • Keep it protected.  In order to burn efficiently, firewood needs to stay dry.  One option is to store your firewood inside your shed or in another covered outdoor structure.  Or, you could do what I do and cover the wood pile with a simple tarp.  They are inexpensive and can be tied down to prevent them from blowing away.  If your firewood is stored in a place on your property that is not visible to passersby, then covering it with a tarp will not damage your home’s “curb appeal.”
    Log Rack
  • Keep it elevated.  If stored directly on the ground, firewood can soak up moisture and attract pests.  Storing your firewood in a sturdy Firewood Rack, or Log Rack, will keep your logs elevated, promoting air circulation and deterring pesky pests and wood rot.  Log Racks come in multiple sizes, so you should be able to find one that fits the space in which you plan to store your logs.

Properly storing your firewood now will ensure that you have enough good firewood to last you through the whole winter.  So, get ready to cozy up next to the fireplace with a warm buddy, and don’t forget the hot chocolate — extra marshmallows, please!

Patio Umbrella Lights Make Dining Outside a Dream

Umbrella Light Bars


It’s hard to enjoy dining outdoors or evening festivities when you spend most of the day at work or running errands. Umbrella lights offer the ideal lighting to set the mood. The visually appealing, subtle glow of umbrella lights offers an economical and decorative way to extend time entertaining guests long after the sun goes down. Patio umbrella lights can also provide you and your family with quality outdoor time, allowing you to enjoy the night time noises and an after dinner game or book.


Citronella Lanterns Keep the Bugs Away

Citronella Patio Lantern


If you spend a lot of time outdoors during the summer, especially in the south, you know that mosquitos and other insects can really put a damper on your fun! The perfect solution to pesky night-time insects is to have a source of light that also repels the little pests! Citronella, which comes from the lemon scented leaves of an Asian tropical grass,  has become a popular method of bug repellant and is usually sold in the form of candles, which are a temporary solution and quickly burn away. Why not try a citronella solution that lasts longer and is more visually appealing? Williamsburg Citronella Patio Lanterns are aluminum constructed lanterns that burn citronella liquid paraffin fuel for insect control. Each lamp comes with a fiberglass wick that will last a lifetime and a variety of finishes to choose from. The lanterns also come with planters attached. You can add your favorite flowers or plants and easily make the lanterns a beautiful addition to your garden landscape. You can enjoy beautiful, soft lighting with the added benefit of insect control all year long!

Outdoor Firewood Racks Save Your Firewood

Outdoor Firewood Rack

After you take the time to prepare and cut your firewood for the cold months of winter, you’ll need to store it properly to keep it dry.  Stacking firewood on the ground next to a shed or garage is a common approach to storing firewood all winter, but moisture, termites, and other insects can easily damage the wood, spoiling your hard work and reducing the amount of usable firewood you have.  The best solution is to use an Outdoor Firewood Rack.  These sturdy racks keep firewood raised off of the ground, away from moisture and insects.  Plus, raised outdoor firewood racks help firewood dry for easier and safer burning.  A variety of sizes are available to meet each home owner’s individual firewood needs.

The Battle with the Mosquito


I just returned from a fun family weekend get-a-way to St Louis, MO.  We enjoyed the museums, architecture and a busy day at Six Flags. While traveling, I couldn’t help but notice how the mighty Mississippi was overriding its banks.  We have had SO much rain this spring in many parts of the country.  All this rain has made me concerned about the mosquito explosion that is about to come our way.  It is our responsibility one by one to try to help reduce the mosquito population by taking the time to look closely at our own yards.  We all need to check for some of the following which can make for perfect mosquito breeding:

  • Flower Pots, filled with standing water.
  • Outside Toys, turn over to avoid catching water.
  • Check to make sure outside faucets do not drip.
  • Remove leaves and debris from gutters.

In addition to the irritation that these little pests bring, they can also carry disease such as the West Nile Virus.

Nobody likes these pests, but thank goodness we have products that help us keep these little guys away.  My favorite product is the SkeeterVac.

Think about it….It’s your property, your backyard, and you have every right to enjoy it whenever you want. However, sometimes biting insects can make the outdoors quite challenging at best.

Well, it is time to take your backyard back. SkeeterVac mosquito exterminators quietly and safely reduce the number of those pesky insects.

The SkeeterVac is definitely worth checking out!  Let us know what you think about it!