Contract Cantilevered Umbrellas

Contract Cantilevered Umbrellas

Commercially Rated Offset Umbrellas

Commercially rated Cantilevered Umbrellas by FIM Manufacturing. Most cantilevered umbrellas are designed for residential use, intended to be closed in more windy conditions over 15mph. To a commercial user in a more wind exposed location (such as a restaurant), this is clearly not very helpful. To address this issue, FIM has designed the P-Contract line. Using the extremely strong structure of the regular P-Series, we designed smaller canopies giving less wind exposure, thus lessening the chances of damage to the umbrella. P-Series Contract offset umbrellas can be used in winds up to 30mph (depending on canopy size and mounting type). Obviously, the larger the canopy, the larger the wind exposure. Therefore the model PC22 with it's octagonal 10' diameter canopy is the most wind resistant of the group. Other options available in the Contract line of Sidepost umbrellas are the PC23 with an 11.5ft octagonal canopy and the PC24 with a 10ft x 10ft square canopy.

As an added feature, P-Contract offers a stabilizer brace to prevent lateral flex of the canopy, and an all aluminum, heavy gauge welded support structure. Due to the nature of the product, the canopies are fixed in horizontal position and will not tilt. However, the whole unit can be rotated, like all other models, in a full 360 degrees on the base and locked in 16 different positions.

The pole and ribs on these sidepost umbrellas are made with an all aluminum, textured graphite colored powder coating. The canopies are available in 16 different Sunbrella colors and come standard with a valance style canopy with wind vent, Market style canopy (no valance) is optional.

There are several different types and styles of bases to choose from to support and help protect your umbrella. This series umbrella comes standard with Ground Insert Base - GIB (recommended), Deck Mount Plate and Free Standing Offset Base are also available.

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