Sorrento Side Post Umbrella

Sorrento Side Post Umbrella

Offset Post Umbrella with 8ft x 8ft Square Canopy

This Sorrento Side Post Umbrella style (8ftx8ft) was designed according to our customers' requests to accommodate Spas and Jacuzzi's. This umbrella is the perfect size! It is designed to cover smaller areas such as condos, townhouses, smaller furniture sets, balconies, etc.

Today, more than ever, Side Post umbrellas are beautifying private backyards all over the world. What makes these umbrellas so unique are three major factors: they have no center pole, they tilt to any angle, and they rotate 360 degrees. These unique shading systems are patented and protected.

WandaTech is no longer in business more than 4 years ago. We do not have any replacement parts and do not know of any place they can be found.

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