Using Nature to Mask the Noises from Nearby Roads

Solar Water Fountain

When you live within earshot of a busy road or train tracks, relaxing outside on your porch, patio, or deck may not be all that relaxing.  Train whistles, sirens, honking vehicles, and even the steady drone of cars and trucks passing along the road can interrupt your need for silent reverie.

Music played quietly nearby can effectively draw your attention away from the road noises.  When sitting outside, though, what most of us prefer to hear is nature’s own music.  Birds, gentle breezes, flowing water.  One of the most common ways to bring the soothing sounds of nature into your outdoor living spaces is to introduce a solar water fountain.

Water fountains, in general, provide you with the gentle and relaxing sounds of flowing water.  The constant trickling and gurgling of the water mimics the natural sounds of a mountain brook and quite effectively masks the noises that drift over from nearby roads.  Solar water fountains, in particular, make it easy to place the fountain in any sunny spot where you prefer to sit, even when electrical outlets are nowhere near.  Solar water fountains draw their energy from the sun, so no electrical components or wiring are required to make them work.

Water fountains, solar or otherwise, may not be able to completely mask the noise of train whistles and sirens — no outdoor sound device can do this completely.  But, they do reduce significantly the constant whirring and buzzing of passing traffic that too frequently disturbs quiet moments, and they leave you free to enjoy the music of nature in your own backyard.

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