Sandboxes Will Make Your Children Happy for Christmas!

Sandboxes make an excellent gift for your children or grandchildren, and with only 63 days until Christmas, now is the time to shop! There are some great new options available that will far surpass the basic framed boxes of the past. Here are several options that will appeal to both you and your children!

Covered Sandbox with Adjustable Roof – This sandbox features a truly unique canopy that provides protection when the box is in use AND when it is not in use. While the canopy is raised, it offers shade and UV protection to your children and locks into place for safety. When play time is over, the easy to use crank system lowers the canopy onto the sandbox, forming a cover to keep sand clean and critter free! It also comes with a built-in toy box for holding all of their favorite sand toys!

Rolling Playhouse Covered Sandbox – A playhouse and sandbox in one? What child wouldn’t be thrilled! The playscape offers a place to play, read, and explore creativity. The sandbox can be left out and used or rolled under the playhouse to prevent dirty sand and unwanted animal guests. It will create the perfect place for your little ones to express their creativity and have fun!

Pavilion Covered Sandbox – This classically designed sandbox will add fun for the children and style for the adults. The lattice designed corners support a canopy that provides shade and UV protection all day long. The sandbox resembles a mini-gazebo, making a stylish statement in your yard. It is sturdy and has large sand area for lots of play time.

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