Pool Lights Bring the Party

Whether you have an in ground pool or an above ground pool, you probably have swimming pool lights to light the water after dark.  Pool lights are essential for safety, but did you know that they can be the life of the party, too?  Swimming with family and friends becomes an underwater dance party when colorful swimming pool lights illuminate the sides and bottom of your pool with spinning luminescence.   Blue, red, orange, purple, green, and orange lights add a new dimension of fun to a backyard get together, whether or not you decide to use the pool.

Colorful swimming pool lights come in a variety of creative designs.  Some pool lights are mounted to the side of the pool, while others float on the surface of the water.  The floating variety of pool lights offers its own range of creative touches.  Swim with colorful jelly fish who light the water with a green or pink glow, or enjoy the dramatic effect of a floating fountain and light show.  A popular choice for parties and even low-key gatherings is the floating pool light whose colors change and spin, giving an underwater disco ball effect.

Swimming pool lights don’t have to be of the plain white variety.  Colorful pool lights do the job of lighting your in ground or above ground swimming pool after dark, but they also bring a lively and fun party atmosphere to any small backyard gathering.  Just don’t forget the music!

Pool Lights and Fountain

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