Misting Fans Provide Relief From Summer Sun

If you are looking for the perfect way to stay cool and comfortable outdoors this summer, look no further! Misting fans are the perfect solution. I will definitely have one on my patio this summer to keep my family cool as the temperature rises.

Misting Fan

Most misting fans have a self-contained water reservoir, making them perfect for any outdoor activity. You can use them at pools, construction sites, camping vacations or picnics, or simply on your porch or patio. The misting fan above can cool approximately 200 square feet for 5 hours with a single fill up of water! It can also lower air temperature up to 30 degrees! That is a huge difference when you are in the sweltering summer heat. This mist is fine and gentle, so you will not become soaking wet or uncomfortable – just cooler. They are perfect for the family who enjoys the sun or an organization who is planning an outdoor event.

2 thoughts on “Misting Fans Provide Relief From Summer Sun”

  1. jwharwell Post Author

    That’s a great idea, Amy! Besides standing in the hot sun, tempers seem to flair and blood pressue seems to rise during campaigning. They could probably stand to be cooled off a little. :) Maybe I will republish this around election time. You know where to find the misting fans if you need one!

  2. Amy Baggett

    This would serve well for people who are out campaigning during elections!!!! I know I’ve personally stood in the sun ALL day and this would have been a dream come true!!!

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