First Steps For Your Backyard Greenhouse

If you are like most gardening enthusiasts, you have probably considered and dreamed of having your very own greenhouse only to find your backyard too small or shady to actually pursue your dream.

Two of the most important considerations that must be made, though, before selecting any hobby greenhouse are size and location.  If space is limited, a practical option would be a walk-in greenhouse. These greenhouses are small, but functional. They are quickly and easily assembled and taken down. Larger hobby greenhouses are free-standing and can hold more plants, flowers, and vegetables. Larger greenhouses can also support a longer growing season. Importantly, upgrading to a larger size greenhouse can be more expensive than starting with a larger greenhouse in the first place, so thinking ahead to future gardening needs is a must.

The best location for a hobby greenhouse is a level, well-drained site that gets plenty of sunlight throughout the day. If the local climate includes heavy rains, a well-drained site will help prevent drainage problems in and around the greenhouse. A drainage system may be necessary, though, if a site with good drainage is not available. Sunlight is, of course, a major consideration when locating a hobby greenhouse. To grow plants in late fall and winter, a greenhouse should receive at least 6 hours of direct sunlight every day. However, if the greenhouse will be used mainly for starting seeds and transplants in the summer, then an area with partial shade would be ideal. Partial shade will help minimize heat build-up in the afternoon. In general, greenhouses should be positioned so that the ends face east and west; this will allow for the best heat gain during the winter and minimize shadowing.

Happy Gardening and Harvesting!

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  1. Will Collins

    I have just purchased my frst house with garden and have thrown myself into the garden even though I have very little knowledge, in fact that is exactly what my blog is about. My Greenhouse arrived yesterday and I realised I had no idea where to erect it. This post sure helped. Much appreciated. Incidentally I am going for a brick base too, for what it’s worth.

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