Outdoor Patio Ideas http://www.backyardcity.com/Outdoor-Patio-Blog How to Enjoy your Patio, Deck or Garden Thu, 12 Jan 2017 15:15:56 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.9.4 41321279 Weighing the options of a Do-It-Yourself Wood Swing Set Kit! http://www.backyardcity.com/Outdoor-Patio-Blog/weighing-options-wood-swing-set-kits/ http://www.backyardcity.com/Outdoor-Patio-Blog/weighing-options-wood-swing-set-kits/#respond Sat, 08 Oct 2016 00:40:05 +0000 http://www.backyardcity.com/Outdoor-Patio-Blog/?p=3263 If your kids have talked you into obtaining one of those backyard wooden swing sets, but you dread the thought of visiting a showroom and being talked into dropping thousands of dollars on mediocre equipment (and even more on the installation of that mediocre equipment), then consider the following three words: do it yourself. The good news is that even a novice do-it-yourself enthusiast can … Continue reading Weighing the options of a Do-It-Yourself Wood Swing Set Kit! »

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Buying a Fireplace or Fire Pit Online? – Here Are Some Tips http://www.backyardcity.com/Outdoor-Patio-Blog/buying-fireplace-fire-pit-online-tips/ http://www.backyardcity.com/Outdoor-Patio-Blog/buying-fireplace-fire-pit-online-tips/#comments Fri, 12 Dec 2014 17:30:31 +0000 http://www.backyardcity.com/Outdoor-Patio-Blog/?p=3202 Fireplaces and fire pits for your outdoor living space are designed to give you everything that you need to increase your cool fall evening experiences. You can have so much fun with this type of investment, no matter what you might be looking for. When you’re buying a fire pit online, you have a lot of things to think about. From the fire pit to … Continue reading Buying a Fireplace or Fire Pit Online? – Here Are Some Tips »

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ACQ Preserve Pressure Treated Wood For Swing Sets & Playsets http://www.backyardcity.com/Outdoor-Patio-Blog/acq-preserve-pressure-treated-wood-swing-sets-playsets/ http://www.backyardcity.com/Outdoor-Patio-Blog/acq-preserve-pressure-treated-wood-swing-sets-playsets/#comments Wed, 25 Sep 2013 17:38:00 +0000 http://www.backyardcity.com/Outdoor-Patio-Blog/?p=3152 For more than a decade, arsenic and chromium-free ACQ Preserve pressure treated wood has been used in some of the world’s most environmentally sensitive locations. From the pristine environments of national parks in Australia, North America, Europe and Japan, to neighborhood playgrounds and backyards like yours, Preserve treated wood has been used around the globe to provide a durable building product for outdoor projects where environmental … Continue reading ACQ Preserve Pressure Treated Wood For Swing Sets & Playsets »

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How to Find Reputable Contractors! http://www.backyardcity.com/Outdoor-Patio-Blog/how-to-find-a-reputable-contractors/ http://www.backyardcity.com/Outdoor-Patio-Blog/how-to-find-a-reputable-contractors/#comments Wed, 10 Jul 2013 18:13:30 +0000 http://www.backyardcity.com/Outdoor-Patio-Blog/?p=2973 Guide to help find local reputable contractors! Working Relationships During your meetings, which should be a fair exchange between the party contracting and the prospective contractor, gauge your feelings and impressions you have about the person/organization you would be dealing with. Do they seem reputable and reliable? Is this a representative or salesperson of the company and if so, who will be onsite handling the … Continue reading How to Find Reputable Contractors! »

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Propane Tank Safety http://www.backyardcity.com/Outdoor-Patio-Blog/propane-tank-safety/ http://www.backyardcity.com/Outdoor-Patio-Blog/propane-tank-safety/#respond Tue, 09 Jul 2013 18:55:20 +0000 http://www.backyardcity.com/Outdoor-Patio-Blog/?p=2966 Propane Tank Regulations, Safety and Cooking Times If you have a propane tank that was made before September 30, 1998 you might be in for a bit of a surprise the next time you go to have it refilled. As of April 1st, 2002 all new cylinders must be equipped with an Overfill Prevention Device (OPD). Also you can’t get your old tank filled if … Continue reading Propane Tank Safety »

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Home Wall Fountains & Waterfalls http://www.backyardcity.com/Outdoor-Patio-Blog/home-wall-fountains-waterfalls/ http://www.backyardcity.com/Outdoor-Patio-Blog/home-wall-fountains-waterfalls/#respond Tue, 07 May 2013 21:17:46 +0000 http://www.backyardcity.com/Outdoor-Patio-Blog/?p=2940 A Multi-Sensory Approach to Reducing Stress & the Negative Effects of Everyday Noises Using Fountains Try this experiment. Be as fully aware as possible of your stress and energy levels following a day when you are occupied with your standard activities, and then compare that to the stress and energy levels you experience following a day in nature. It is very likely that you end … Continue reading Home Wall Fountains & Waterfalls »

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Outdoor Clocks http://www.backyardcity.com/Outdoor-Patio-Blog/outdoor-clocks/ http://www.backyardcity.com/Outdoor-Patio-Blog/outdoor-clocks/#respond Thu, 25 Apr 2013 16:43:51 +0000 http://www.backyardcity.com/Outdoor-Patio-Blog/?p=2933 Bring Beauty and High-Tech Function to Your Outdoor Living Spaces Expanding your living space and increasing the value of your home can be as easy as making the most of the areas outside your door. Patios and decks, screened porches and sun rooms, and outdoor kitchens and dining rooms are the most desirable places to entertain friends or to enjoy some quality relaxation time when … Continue reading Outdoor Clocks »

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All Weather Indoor / Outdoor Rugs http://www.backyardcity.com/Outdoor-Patio-Blog/all-weather-indoor-outdoor-rugs/ http://www.backyardcity.com/Outdoor-Patio-Blog/all-weather-indoor-outdoor-rugs/#respond Mon, 08 Apr 2013 20:16:33 +0000 http://www.backyardcity.com/Outdoor-Patio-Blog/?p=2922 Durable Beauty For Every Room Inside and Out Remember When . . . In the not too distant past, the word outdoor rugs referred to something like a small patch of Astroturf that one placed in the backyard. Those old outdoor rugs were basically utilitarian, and sure didn’t add any ambiance to the landscape. But then again, few people cared much about what patios looked like at … Continue reading All Weather Indoor / Outdoor Rugs »

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Hobby Greenhouses and Greenhouse Kits http://www.backyardcity.com/Outdoor-Patio-Blog/hobby-greenhouses-and-greenhouse-kits/ http://www.backyardcity.com/Outdoor-Patio-Blog/hobby-greenhouses-and-greenhouse-kits/#comments Thu, 04 Apr 2013 21:36:45 +0000 http://www.backyardcity.com/Outdoor-Patio-Blog/?p=2919 How to Choose the Best Size and Location For Your Backyard Greenhouse Backyard gardening is experiencing a renaissance, and many home owners who would not consider such an endeavor in the past are now embracing gardening. The reasons for the increase in gardening interest are varied and include lack of variety and quality at local nurseries and garden centers, a desire to enhance the home’s … Continue reading Hobby Greenhouses and Greenhouse Kits »

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Garden Arbors http://www.backyardcity.com/Outdoor-Patio-Blog/garden-arbor/ http://www.backyardcity.com/Outdoor-Patio-Blog/garden-arbor/#respond Mon, 01 Apr 2013 15:36:09 +0000 http://www.backyardcity.com/Outdoor-Patio-Blog/?p=2907 Arbors are an Easy Way to Enhance Any Garden or Yard If you enjoy backyard gardening or landscaping, no doubt you spend a good deal of time working in the yard every week. Planting, tending, and weeding the garden beds takes time and effort, but the beautiful results are worth it. Increasingly, many homeowners are choosing to add decorative elements to yards and gardens to … Continue reading Garden Arbors »

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