Cyber Monday Goes Green

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Shopping on “Black Friday” — a.k.a. the wild and crazy day of shopping following Thanksgiving — is not everyone’s idea of a good time.  Luckily, “Cyber Monday” exists for folks like me who prefer not to venture out to fight traffic, parking  lots, and frenzied crowds.  Shoppers stay home on Cyber Monday — the first Monday following Thanksgiving — and shop great deals online in their jammies.  That’s more like it.

According to Wikipedia, online shoppers spent $887 million on Cyber Monday in 2009.  That’s a lot of holiday gift buying, but how many of those gifts were even remotely meaningful or sustainable?  This question, posed by the Nature Conservancy, prompted a campaign to turn Cyber Monday into “Green Gift Monday.”  The goal ofbows,gifts,packages,presents,ribbons,special occasions Green Gift Monday is to encourage online shoppers to put a little more thought into choosing gifts that are environmentally responsible.  Not only does this give shoppers the opportunity to do something positive with their money, it also makes gifts more meaningful to recipients.

Whether Green Gift Monday will catch on with online shoppers is hard to say.  But, if even some portion of Cyber Monday shoppers decide to put more thought into their purchases and choose environmentally friendly gifts, then the Nature Conservancy’s campaign could still be considered a success.

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