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Make Your Children Happy AND Healthy!

Wooden Swing Set


While wooden swing set kits are amazing, they are not for everyone. You might not have the room, or the money, to dedicate to a solid wooden frame. If that is the case, I have got the perfect metal swing set for you! The BrittanyAll Inclusive Wood Playset is a great option that is designed for safety and fun. It has everything your kids will need – climbing ladders, trapeze, climbing rope and swings! It even has an slide. It is the perfect backyard accessory to exercise both mind and body of your children. It will provide hours of climbing, swinging, and sliding exercise that will provide a fun and healthy workout for little ones. It supports up to 300 lbs. and if great for all kids 3 and up! Constructed to last for years, this swing set is perfect for multiple generations of loved ones!

Pet Beds Bring Comfort and Relief to Furry Friends

Dog Beds and Cat Beds

My dog loves to spend as much time as he can outside — chasing chipmunks, barking at birds, but especially lounging around and enjoying the breezes blowing through his fur.  Unless it’s summer, that is.  My dog is what you might call a walking ball of super-heated fur.  His coat of fur is thick and black and generates a significant amount of warmth (even when clipped short), so summer is not his favorite season for spending very much time outdoors.

Helping my dog stay cool enough to be outdoors, though, has been as easy as providing him with a Coolaroo Pet Bed.  This portable, elevated bed allows air to circulate underneath, which naturally cools any critter laying on top.  The fabric cover on the pet bed is breathable, weather-proof, and super easy to clean with the squirt of a hose.  The pet bed also makes a comfortable place for older dogs to rest their weary bones and joints.   Coolaroo Pet Beds come in a foldable pet bed variety, too, which makes it easy to store or take along on vacations.

Any dog (or cat, for that matter) can appreciate the cool comforts of his own pet bed.  And, if your pet is as hot and hairy as mine, he’ll enjoy using his pet bed even in the dead of winter.

Wooden Swing Sets Are Great Entertainment

 Wooden Swing Set

My three year old daughter loves nothing more than being outside on a nice summer day. It is always a struggle finding new and exciting things to keep her entertained. We recently decided to purchase a wooden swing set to try to add some variety to her outdoor activities. It has been such a great addition to our home! It provides endless hours of entertainment and keeps her challenged in a positive way with all the features that it has.

Creating a custom swing set is easy with a purchased kit and some sturdy wood. You simply build the frame, with easy to follow instructions, and attach the accessories of you choice. No swing set would be complete without a slide, and there are many options to choose from. From straight and simple to a spiral tube, you are sure to find the slide that fits your ideal vision. There are also a variety of swings in different colors and designs that can add variety for children of different ages. You can add a bucket swing for your littlest ones. A glider provides great fun for older kids or siblings. A sandbox, monkey bars, rock wall, or rope ladder can also add various degrees of fun for different ages. Finally, add telescope or steering wheel, and the swing set that your kids have always dreamed of will be a reality in your front yard!

We used to spend a lot of time at the park. Now, my daughter has her own park in our front yard. It provides her with entertainment, but also helps keep her active and challenged in outdoor play.

Porch Swings Rock Your Cares Away

What is it about rocking back and forth gently in a porch swing that takes us to that ultimate level of relaxation?  Does the movement remind us of being rocked as children by a loving caregiver?  Does the gentle sway send a signal to our brains to slow down and breathe deeply?  I cannot explain it, but I can attest to the positive effects that sitting in a porch swing has on my body.  My mind settles, muscles loosen, mood lightens.  And, it doesn’t matter if the day is snowy and cold or hazy and humid; as long as I am dressed for the season, there’s no where I’d rather be than sitting in my porch swing, feet dangling, cares melting away.

First Steps For Your Backyard Greenhouse

If you are like most gardening enthusiasts, you have probably considered and dreamed of having your very own greenhouse only to find your backyard too small or shady to actually pursue your dream.

Two of the most important considerations that must be made, though, before selecting any hobby greenhouse are size and location.  If space is limited, a practical option would be a walk-in greenhouse. These greenhouses are small, but functional. They are quickly and easily assembled and taken down. Larger hobby greenhouses are free-standing and can hold more plants, flowers, and vegetables. Larger greenhouses can also support a longer growing season. Importantly, upgrading to a larger size greenhouse can be more expensive than starting with a larger greenhouse in the first place, so thinking ahead to future gardening needs is a must.

The best location for a hobby greenhouse is a level, well-drained site that gets plenty of sunlight throughout the day. If the local climate includes heavy rains, a well-drained site will help prevent drainage problems in and around the greenhouse. A drainage system may be necessary, though, if a site with good drainage is not available. Sunlight is, of course, a major consideration when locating a hobby greenhouse. To grow plants in late fall and winter, a greenhouse should receive at least 6 hours of direct sunlight every day. However, if the greenhouse will be used mainly for starting seeds and transplants in the summer, then an area with partial shade would be ideal. Partial shade will help minimize heat build-up in the afternoon. In general, greenhouses should be positioned so that the ends face east and west; this will allow for the best heat gain during the winter and minimize shadowing.

Happy Gardening and Harvesting!