SunSetter Awning Remote Control

Motorized Awnings

Open and close your SunSetter Motorized Awning from anywhere outside or inside your house.

Each SunSetter Motorized Awning comes with a pocket-sized Remote Control to use instead of using a wall switch.  All you have to do is plug the power cord into any grounded outdoor outlet, and the remote will control your awning. (We recommend a ground-fault interrupter-style outlet for safety). The remote's transmitter works with radio waves, so you will be able to open and close your Motorized Awning safely from anywhere.  Now you won't have to be on a "line of sight" with the awning.  The remote will open or close the awning completely in seconds, or you can stop the awning when it has extended out as far as you want it to with just a press of the remote. Each Remote Control comes with a cradle that you can mount on the wall and it is this cradle that turns the remote into a wall switch.

The Remote Control is for the SunSetter Motorized Models only.

This item has been discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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